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Collecting Used Cooking Oil for Biodiesel Purposes

Restaurant Oils of America in Las Vegas, Nevada, collects and recycles used cooking oil and cleans restaurant grease traps every year. Fully licensed, we have affiliations with large biodiesel plants in the western United States to collect and recycle used restaurant oil and used grease for conversion into biodiesel fuel. Along with collection of oil and grease, we also offer grease trap cleaning.
Fuel Refinery, Restaurant Trap Greases in Las Vegas, NV
Oil Refinery, Restaurant Trap Greases in Las Vegas, NV

Our staff also facilitates all phases of biodiesel plant start up, including designing and building of the plant, obtaining necessary equipment, staff training, and coordinating other required functions.

Restaurant Oils of America will continue to expand the distribution of clean burning fuels throughout the country, helping to reduce the reliance of the United States on foreign oil. Our services include:

• Collection of Used Restaurant Oil and Grease •
• Distribution of Blended Biodiesel Fuel •
• Industrial Water Recycling •
• Grease Trap Cleaning •

Mission Statement
We strive to (1) lead the biodiesel field in recycling used restaurant yellow oil and brown grease into biodiesel fuel; (2) distribute blended biodiesel fuel in the western United States, expanding to the rest of the country; (3) facilitate new biodiesel plant construction and management of the completed facilities.

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